Landlord Services

  1. Inventory + Check-In
    See your tenant in with all the required property information £89.99
    Inventory designed just for your property Fully bespoke completed inventory prior to tenant move in See tenant into the property and sign inventory Provide meter readings where possible Photographic evidence of each room (maximum 4 photos) Reduced cost check out
  1. Advanced Credit Checks
    Comprehensive check of your tenant £19.99
    Active or settled County Court Judgement Bankruptcy or insolvency Credit risk judgement – Low / Moderate / High / Very High Previous landlord and or employer reference Salary affordability percentage Anti-social social media posts and derogatory web activity Electronic footprint data​
  1. Portable Appliance Testing
    Test the electrical appliances at your rental property for just £49.99
    Stay legal and ensure your properties appliances are safe Have up to 10 appliances tested Each appliance will be stamped safe if successfully passed